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Age Groups


Our Nursery Group

Age 6 weeks to 2 years

We work with every family to meet the needs of their child and maintain their daily routine within the nursery room. Our educators focus a lot of one-on-one time with each child, to ensure a strong bond is formed to allow every child to feel safe and secure.


We cater to the changing nutritional needs of your child, with fresh home-cooked meals prepared daily by our on-site cooks. Our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen, that are prepared at the highest hygiene standards, of which we provide a variety of healthy foods that gives your child the nutrients they need to learn and grow.

  • We assist babies in developing their fine and gross motor skills using age appropriate toys and activities. When they are ready our educators guide them into developing their self-help skills, such as self-feeding.

  • Every child in the nursery room has the opportunity to make new friends for the first time in their life, where they will form social and communication skills

  • We provide all nappies.


Our Toddler Group

Age 2 to 3 years

We understand that this is the age that children want to communicate and strive to be independent. Therefore we create every opportunity for them to do just that, through role playing and creative arts, giving them the chance to express themselves and explore their interests. We also introduce early literacy and numeracy for their developing minds. Furthermore, we give them the opportunity to form friendships that develop their social skills, particularly one of sharing and consideration.

There is a large focus on setting them in a regular routine, this will provide them with structure, security and confidence, with a primary focus on self-help development such as self feeding and toilet training.

The toddlers have access to an abundance of resources of books, construction toys, and art and craft. Moreover, they get to enjoy a thriving program of soccer Lessons, dancing lessons, yoga lessons, cooking lessons, Mandarin lessons, Korean lessons, and Hindi lessons.


PreSchool Group

Age 3 to 5 years

Our preschool program is designed to provide your child with the confidence and skills to move on into the next phase of their life ensuring that they are socially and emotionally equipped for school. We stay in close mentor-ship with our local primary schools to continuously develop our school readiness program and to have certainty that we are guiding our preschoolers in the right path.

We focus on increasing the preschoolers concentration skills throughout the year, as we organise some of the teaching programs in a class room setting. However in the months of October, November and December we run an intensive transition to school program.

We educate them on more complex tasks such using a pencil to write letters and numbers as part of their literacy and numeracy learning, along with other fine motor skills development such as using scissors, making their lunch box, and doing their shoe laces.

Socially we also prep them for school through team building exercises by encouraging them to play games with their peers, and collaborating with each other in groups, which is all very necessary for their schooling years.

They also enjoy a thriving program of soccer Lessons, dancing lessons, yoga lessons, cooking lessons, Mandarin lessons, Korean lessons, and Hindi lessons.

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