Programs & Activities



A vital part of our program is educating children on the importance of environmental sustainability, just as it is necessary to take from the environment it is just as important to give back to the environment and to care and nurture for it to ensure it's preservation.

One of the key methods of doing this is allowing the children to pick herbs from our garden to be given to our onsite cook as part of the ingredients used in meal prepping. Then afterwards any organic waste left over from meals can then be thrown into the compost bin to be recycled by decomposing and providing nourishment to plants as soil.


Cooking Classes


We always try to guide children towards healthy eating habits, and by implementing cooking classes into their weekly program we are not only teaching them an important life skill, but also teaching them to make intelligent food choices. These classes are also lessons that teach the children responsibility, and will help them be keen on trying new dishes because they make it themselves.


Yoga Classes

Healthy bodies are important for developing healthy minds, and helps a child establish confidence from their infant years. Our yoga lessons teach children to maximise their physical flexibility and movement, as well as learn to perfect their breathing capabilities, which maximises the level of oxygen intake for their bodily organs. Both go hand in hand for developing a sound mind and body.

Kidz Art Street

We have a dedicated outdoor area specifically for children's visual arts. Children love to discover and grow their artistic minds outside in the calm of nature, where they can create their own masterpieces whilst in a state of zen.

We also have a large state of the art mural to give them great inspiration to elevate their artistic ingenuity.

Our Kidz Art Street is available at our Rhodes location.


Soccer Lessons

We have partnered up with the SoccaJoeys, a company that specialises in providing soccer lessons to children from the age of 2 years and above.

These classes are great in developing children's co-ordination and athletic abilities from a very young age, and is a great way in preparing them for competitive sport and understanding appropriate sportsmanship.


Multi-lingual Classes

As part of our learning program we provide three multi-lingual classes. Children have the opportunity to learn the basic languages of Hindi, Chinese Mandarin and Korean.


They not only learn the basic letters and numbers of these languages but also learn about their unique cultures and way of life to really give them a true perspective of the cultural diversity of our country and to respect people of all backgrounds.


Little Water Park

We have created a customised inbuilt water spring system, specifically made for the children to enjoy.

On hot days the children and educators always have so much fun playing together using this feature. A facility that creates awesome bonding between the educators and children.

Water 4.jpg